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Get to Know a Portfolio Company: Motion Math




Motion Math was founded out of Stanford University in 2010 with the goal of creating fun, interactive mobile games that promote learning mathematical concepts. Jacob Klein, one of the co-founders of Motion Math, says the company’s mission is to redesign student learning to help students find delight in intellectual challenge. More and more schools are doing away with textbooks and relying solely on tablets or laptops to provide content to students, which opens up vast possibilities for Motion Math, who is already selling their games to schools. That being said, Motion Math’s main market is parents and guardians who realize that instead of forcing their kids to stop playing video games to study, they can combine the entertainment value of mobile games with the academic value of mathematics. Motion Math plans to expand upon their educational mobile games by creating games focused on science, technology, engineering, and programming as well. With the emergence of technology in academic settings and shifts in how students are learning, Motion Math has a very promising future.


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